North Tallahassee and the Beautiful Panhandle

Tallahassee, the capitol of the Sunshine State, has streets lined with antebellum-style Southern homes, elegant live oaks, and perky palm trees. In the far west, just a few miles away, lies the state's oldest colony, dating back to 1559. A wildlife refuge is just south of the city, and the beach is a mere few miles beyond that. Full of museums, restaurants, and botanical gardens, Tallahassee has it all. Picking out a great vacation property in these growing cities just makes sense.

The capitol city took its name from the resident Apalachee Indians. Visitors can enjoy Canopy Roads, where Spanish oak trees form a tunnel-like canopy of green to shade drivers from the warm southern sun. Oranges and other delicious citrus grows easily in the state, and local farmers markets provide bounty from across the peninsula nearly all year. The water in the Gulf of Mexico is always warm, and white sand beaches are a comfortable place to get a tan.

As the state's capital, there's a new Capitol Building with an incredible 22nd floor observation level. Magnificent panoramic views give you the full experience of the city and the beautiful ground beyond. The Old Capitol Building, an historic spot now, can be viewed, and the full Spanish architecture of red and white awnings can be appreciated. The city has its own long history with European settlers, and the numerous museums give history buffs a glimpse into the colonial past.

With dozens of colleges, nightlife caters to students - but that means you have great access to fantastic bars, late night snacks, live music, and other performances. Businesses are open later, offering convenience whenever you feel like enjoying a night on the town. It's the best way to relax after a fun day of hiking or swimming.

Purchasing an investment property might seem like a big decision, but ultimately, North Tallahassee neighborhoods offer you the most out of life. Condos have reasonable prices, and come in all kinds of sizes. You, your friends, or your family can get together for weeks every year, enjoying the surroundings and time with each other. Vacation homes have never been better than those in North Tallahassee. Check the web to get more information about this incredible city. At this website, you can see all North Tallahassee has to offer as its own area of the state's capitol, and find a fantastic home away from home.